Heavy Grips handgrippers distributors. Please check the links below for a Heavygrips distributor in your region. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of the Heavy-Grips, please visit www.heavygrips.com/wholesale.html for more information. These heavy-duty handgrippers are made with the highest quality materials including aircraft-grade aluminum handles which are hand-machined to provide years of comfortable use for athletic consumers.  The Heavy Grips help athletes develop extraordinary hand and finger strength and are perfect for the following markets: sports equipment wholesalers and retailers, gym equipment, fitness gear, fitness equipment, outfitters, mountain climbing gear, mountain climbers, rock climbing, rock-climbing, mountaineering, ice-climbing, ice climbing, arm-wrestling, armwrestling, arm wrestling, armwrestlers, rock climbers, kayaking, kayaks, wheelchair athletes, kite surfing, wind boarding, hockey, hockey practice, football, football players, olympic athletes, olympic games, track and field, shot put, shot-put, ebay sales, amazon sales, online sales, retail outlets, retail stores, sports shops, sports store, sport equipment, bodybuilding, body-building, body building, bodybuilding, power-lifting, powerlifting, power-cycle, power cycle, powercycle, cycling, strength athlete, olympia bodybuilding, firefighters, police training, masonry work and many more sports and occupations where a strong grip is beneficial. We ship internationally from warehouses in Canada, China and the United States of America.

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Please contact us if you would like a list of distributors.  We have distributors in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and Korea.

For UK sales, please visit www.heavy-grips.co.uk

Please visit www.heavygrips.com/wholesale for information on wholesale purchases of the Heavy Grips handgrippers.

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